AccurioPro Compile

Create a print project once - and use it again, again and againg

AccurioPro Compile makes the process of creating and preparing a print project quick and straightforward – even with information being fed in from a variety of different departments and sources.

Save and reuse print projects at any time

AccurioPro Compile lets you introduce the clear benefits of automation to the process of updating your print project files. Give it a week – you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it.

Do you regularly print manuals including a variety of different PDF files – the cover, instructions, warranty and contact page, for instance? This can be a complicated and time-consuming task. The content of these documents is likely to change occasionally – when a product is relaunched, for example – and since this content is almost always supplied by a range of different sources from across the company, this can lead to confusion as to the latest version of a text.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider the undoubted benefits of the AccurioPro Compile system. It lets you create a print project just once, then use it again and again, doing no more than change the content slightly.

AccurioPro Compile

AccurioPro Compile

  • Lets you save and reuse them print projects and reuse them at any time
  • Saves project structure as template
  • Creates professionally-structured print projects
  • Quick, comfortable and reliable editing of projects
  • Automatic setup and inline finishing
  • Customised documentation
  • Mixed formats possible
  • Content up-to-date at all times

Save print projects and reuse them at any time… Konia Minolta’s intelligent workflow automation lets you place PDF files in the correct order, position slip sheets, tab sheets and their labels, organise print settings and finishing not just for documents but also for individual PDF files. In short, everything you have defined in your print project is saved and can be reused at any time.

The technology lets you save the project structure as a template; as long as your print projects have the same structure, you can use this to save valuable time and money. Now all you need do is fill the template with new content. You can insert tab sheets into your print project and print individual labels on the tabs, insert slip sheets, edit projects, drag and drop PDF files into your project, preview inserted files, and remove the preview window and the settings bar from the program window to use them in separate windows if necessary.

You can also create a clutter-free user interface to stay focused, use mixed formats if your print project consists of PDF files with different paper formats, ensure your content is up-to-date at all times, save changed PDF files back in the same place under the same name, and more.

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